We strive to offer the best in Automation Engineering, Support, and Service. Our team of professionals have knowledge and experience in a wide variety of industries including Mining, Automotive, Alternative Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing, Water and Waste Water Treatment Industries. Our success is reflected in our customer’s comments.

Personal, Company, and Project names have been removed or modified for Customer privacy and industrial confidentiality.

“We recently had Fernando and Brian come out to one of our worksites and help us with some controls issues. They were incredible! I have been in controls for more than 5 years and have never seen a contractor as skilled and well-rounded as them.

They made working onsite a pleasure and with their skills, made even hard problems seem simple. Thank you for letting us have them out and I hope we can use both of these wonderful guys on future jobs very soon!”

G.M., Controls Systems Engineer

“Darryl and Karen,

Starting next Monday I’ll be supporting a different team… Appreciate the support and rapid response y’all have given me and (company name) in the past several years!

Certainly will not forget the Fletcher team in my future projects & endeavors.  I’m sure we will cross paths again – hope sooner than later.


B.P., Project Manager

“Hello All – wanted you to know I spoke to (Supervisor) tonight about how things are going on site.

He said that your guys are picking things up easily – they are asking the right questions.

He said they really seem to have a solid foundation of knowledge. He is very happy with how things are going. They are picking thru the codes and doing a good job. All good stuff! He will keep me posted with any issues or concerns!

Great news!! Thanks so much!”

T.G., Account Manager

“Fletcher is leading the pack in every phase of the game so far. Keep up the good work.

Make sure you let Jeffries know that. (Supervisor) and the (Company) team all ready know it.”

J.O., Controls Project Engineer

“Darryl, You and your guys have been great! I will definitely reach out to you for future needs. Thanks!!”

W.D., Director – Automation

“I wanted to let you know Tim is doing a great job here. I am very impressed with him. He is very professional and handles himself very well. He runs both quarter inner cells. I would like to keep him down here for the duration of the launch. You know Anthony and Wes are awesome too. Deigo and Moises did great here as well.

You guys really have some good talent.”

G.S., Robot Supervisor Field Service

“If I haven’t told you guys you’re the best 5 times today here it is… You’re the best.

Keep up the great work. Thank you!”

M.O., Engineer

“Thanx guy’s, nice job!!! This went out to everyone.”

D.M., Sr. Controls Engineer

“Dave, Thank you so much for the support on the program where we first met, the first (Big 3 Automotive) project for us which, with your help lead to other programs. Thanks for your help on the (redacted) system where you helped us prove to (Customer) that we can and did ship a quality system. I believe without your dedication to us (Company Name) that task would have been very difficult to complete. But most importantly a big thanks for your help and support on the Solar project.

All the Fletchers guys are true professionals and a great joy to work with. I wish you and your team the best.”

R.B., Program Manager