Business process automation can help your business automate repetitive tasks, integrate applications and enhance communication between departments using common software throughout the organization. Each department has different requirements so we develop and create custom interfaces for each department. We don’t just automate at random, we use a value engineering approach to decide what is best to automate. We offer custom software solutions, tailored to your business. Generic software works partially for everyone but not perfectly for anyone.
Custom Software Benefits Include:
Automation of Repetitive Tasks

Comparing and updating multiple databases. Excel data manipulation. 24/7 work – always running.

Integrating Applications

Manpower tracking data transfers to accounting software. Automatically collecting and entering data from: email, excel files or other software.

Enhanced Communication

Integrating different departments such as Finance, HR, Budget, Quality and Production. Dashboards so everyone can see their progress. Enabled for remote access, anywhere or anytime.

The next step is integrating your factory and your office.

We can automate your business processes like we automate your factories. All departments will benefit with an integrated data solution. Quality – Meet quality goals, eliminate mistakes. Analytics – Enhanced managerial reporting. Efficiency – Productivity gains, improved team performance, cost reduction. Finance Department – Streamline your finance department to allow your accountants to investigate discrepancies and areas to improve profit. Project Management – Integrate project management software with timesheet/punch-clock/travel and expense tracking, for accurate and immediate data.


Business Process Automation is software that reduces or eliminates the need for manual data entry and control. Your employees can focus on important tasks that will make your company more money, while the tedious and repetitive tasks are done accurately, automatically, in the background, and in a fraction of the time.

For Example: Traditionally, project management scheduling is done in different software than employee timesheets and travel expenses are tracked in, and the accounting department has its own software.  

So what if you had a timesheet program that also tracks travel time and expenses remotely? Now connect that to project management software for scheduling jobs and assigning the resources and staff required, and to your accounting department so they can get your invoices out faster and have the payroll and expense information they need as soon as possible. Sounds good right?


We connect and integrate data sources and services and utilize live-connected documents to keep all of your staff updated with the most current information they need to do their jobs efficiently. By having all this information integrated you can also compare actual time and costs vs estimated, making future estimates more accurate and your business more profitable.


Fletcher Group automates business processes, applications and infrastructure—regardless of complexity or location; on-premises or in the cloud. Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, increase cross-function collaboration or reduce time to market, we can provide your customized solution.